Finally, I Begin (How do you start a blog anyway?)

How many years have I wanted to start a blog? At least ten, if not more. I read “all” the blogging websites, took on-line courses, and followed blogs that caught my eye. And, at the end of it all, I still don’t know how to write one.

You should have a niche, I read. You should have a platform. You should “fill in the blank”. Today I am ditching all the “you shoulds” and just starting. I will develop my voice by using it. Life is too interesting to sit back and not live it.

But first, something you should know.

For years, my daughter fought cancer. I joined her fight and stood with her to the end. She died in the late fall of 2021. It had been my life’s work for several years. It grew in scope as the last few months of her life passed. I was a caretaker, and all of a sudden (in a moment’s final breath), my job seemed to be over. But then there were final arrangements to make, and a grieving family to love. I found new purpose that took me through the first awful year.

This will not be a place to relive the grief. But after such a loss, I am changed. I will talk about her (and the rest of my family), so I thought it best to say something upfront.

Who am I? I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I live in Alabama on a few acres. Once, I dreamed of homesteading, but never quite made it to full “homesteader” status. I piddle around with gardens, but what I do is nothing to write home about, or blog about. I do a little canning. I sew, a little. I’m learning (slowly) to knit. How I wanted to learn how when my girls were young and at home!

There is nothing special about me. No skills you will learn, nothing unique to offer. I’m older, slower, and past my prime in energy and dreams. But I think I can make you laugh. And laughter, we are told, is good for the soul. So come with me on this rambling journey to who knows where.

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